About me

This page describes my work experience and my activities. Should you have any queries about my services, please do not hesitate to contact me.

About me

I am a translator/editor, specialised in English into French technical and marketing translations (automotive, electronics, mecanical industries, terms and conditions, code of conducts, etc...) I've lived many years in English speaking countries and Denmark but I am now based and work from France.

I can also work from Danish into French in more general fields.

Companies who look forward to having quality translations can count on me. My approach will always be more personnal and human than a big translation agency.

The pros of working with me are :

  • A great availability and flexibility in my working hours (depending on emergencies/volume, I can adapt my working day or week accordingy)
  • A strong professionnal experience (10 years)
  • Quality work, accurate and meticulous
  • Competitive prices

Education and work experience


1998-2001  Bachelor in English and undergraduate degree in Danish
Licence LLCE English, Université Nancy 2 - DEUG LLCE Danish + One year exchange programme at the University of Odense, Denmark
2001-2002  Master in Translation English-French, technical and commercial specialisation, scandinavian languages (Norwegian), University of Surrey, United-Kingdom
2002-2003 Master in Diplomacy and International Relations, University of Leicester, United-Kingdom
2003-2007 Personnal Assistant and Risk Management officer, PwC, Luxembourg
2007-2012 Translation Team Leader and Quality Supervisor, subtitling department, Zee TV, Mumbai, India
2007-2014 Freelance Translator for International Translation Services, Mumbai, India
2012-2014 Senior Technical Translator, ITTranslations, Bilbao, Spain
2014 Freelance Translator, creation of my own translation company, Saint Savinien, France

Activities and Services

I am specialised in technical translations from English into French. This includes, among other things, users manuals, maintainance and repair instructions, product descriptions, web sites, etc... I had the opportunity to work for many clients such as Chrysler, Go Pro, Schneider Electrics, Emerson, John Deere, FedEx, Amazon, Halmarks, Danaher, Crawford & Company, Navistar, Carlisle, Capital Safety...

I can offer you translation services, as well as editing, quality assurance (depending on the softwares and clients' requests) and post-editing. I can build up glossaries and terminological files, create translation memories... With more than 10 years experience in the field, I have worked with many domains and topics and I can adapt myself very easily. Should you need more details regarding the different services on offer, please do not hesitate to consult the Linguistic Services page.

On top of translation services and equivalent, I can also correct and revise text already written in French (thesis, master dissertations, annual reports...)

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need more information!


  • Translator/Editor and Manager : Emilie Mortensen