Linguistic Services

Linguistic Services

You will find below the different types of services on offer. Please contact me if you need more information on a service or a quote.


Translation consists of transposing a written text from one language to another (here, English or Danish into French), whilst carrying forward as accurately as possible the message conveyed in the original text. This can be rather easy for general texts, but may require more work and terminological research for specialised texts (technical, legal...). A translator usually only works into his/her mother tongue to garantee a high quality work.

I work with translation softwares/CAT tools - Wordfast, MemoQ, Studio 2011 and 2014 - which facilitate the translation process and allow the creation of translation memories which can be used again for future projects. This garanties the translation's consistency and coherence. These software support various file types such as Word, Excel, Power Point, PDF, HTML, etc...

Prices are fixed according to the number of words, with variations depending on language and technicality of the text.


Edition or revision is the step following translation. It is compulsory and helps to find any potential errors (spelling, grammar, formatting, lay-out) that may have occurred during the translation process. This is the final touch, the quality assurance, that validates the conformity of the translation.

According to you needs, the editing process can be included in the translation rate, or completely separate (you may have your text revised by another translator or revisor). I can also revise translations made by another translator.

Prices for editing are fixed according to the number of words and the time spent can vary depending on the quality and/or the technicality of the translation. Flat-rates by the hour can also be considered. 

Final product validation or Post-editing

Once the translations are sent back to the clients, they may prepare a final document, work on the layout or the format according to their needs (brochures, instruction manuals, websites, for example...). To ensure that the final document is identical to the original, I can compare both versions and look for potential errors (pagination, title wrongly placed, typos, broken links...).

An hourly rate will be applied for this service.


Revision and correction of French texts

Translators are usually masters of their mother tongue. Therefore, I can offer you a revision or correction service in French, should you wish to have your personnal or professionnal documents revised (annual reports, thesis or masters dissertation by instance).

An hourly rate will be applied for this service.